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Kairix works with innovative organizations to help assess the potential of a given technological opportunity, focusing on a synergistic blend of quantitative and qualitative factors, including: technical efficacy and proof of concept; end-user value propositions; legal and intellectual property protection; market potential; competition; and ethical, social acceptance.

Our Belief

Understanding an opportunity beyond disciplinary boundaries requires integrated expertise in the fields of law, management, and science. Kairix believes that intellectual property strategy is a fundamental of business strategy, serving as a durable, strategic business asset that can be leveraged to create value in the marketplace.

Building Potential

Building upon the potential presented by a thorough analysis, Kairix works with innovative organizations to develop investable business propositions that can help move scientific innovation to market. With fundamental market segmentation and product requirements in place – coupled with value quantification and resource needs – this process yields contextual road-mapping and development milestones and necessary to support investment and strategic decision making.

Acting on Innovation

Acting on innovation can be complex and difficult. Kairix works with innovative organizations to help manage the process of translating innovation into opportunity through systematic workflow that is grounded to organizational culture. Outputs are aimed at maximizing the impact of internal investment and supporting decisions necessary to realize the potential of organizational innovation.

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